Welcome to Alpha Treatment Network, a group of addiction, mental health, and medical professionals working to help individuals and families find the best possible treatment solution to fit their individual needs.

We work with individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction, alcohol abuse as well as mental illness to help acquire the highest level of individualized care possible. We also facilitate the lengthy and stressful process of finding the right treatment center by working with several across the nation, to ensure that yourself or your loved one gets the best care possible.

Alpha Treatment Network is specialized in dealing with all of the following:

  • heroin addiction
  • meth addiction
  • cocaine addiction
  • poly-substance dependence
  • chronic relapse
  • alcohol abuse
  • affluenza
  • eating disorders
  • gambling addiction
  • mental illness
    • bipolar, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, OCD
  • Co-occuring clinical conditions
    • family system trauma
    • attachment trauma
    • developmental trauma
    • emotional trauma
    • pre-verbal trauma
    • PTSD

Alpha Treatment Network does extensive research on the select facilities we work with. We ensure every individual gets the help they need to peel back the layers of addiction and resolve the core issues necessary to reach a sustainable, self-motivated state of sobriety.

Alpha Treatment Network provides a multitude of services both to the family, the individual and the treatment center in order to make sure that anyone seeking help is able to get the correct information and the utmost level of care, regardless of their background or individual needs.